Apcoa Flex Card

Ideal for part-timers and flex workers!

In Amsterdam and Rotterdam we offer the APCOA Flex Card to staff who does not come to the office every day. With this card you only pay for parking when you use it and you will receive up to 20% discount on the maximum daily rate. 

Your benefits:

  • You only pay for parking when you use the card.
  • You receive up tot 20% discount on the maximum daily rate.
  • You easily pay monthly afterwards via automatic debt.
  • No more queuing at the payment terminal.
  • Quickly back on the road.

Rates (incl. VAT) in participating garages:

  Car park   Regular maximum daily tariff   Maximum daily tariff with APCOA Flex Card

  Your discount

  APCOA PARKING Heinekenplein- Amsterdam City Center 

  € 55,00   € 44,00

  - 20%

  APCOA PARKING Prins & Keizer- Amsterdam City Center

  € 55,00   € 49,50

  - 10%

  APCOA PARKING Flow Amsterdam- Amsterdam Rai

  € 26,00   € 20,80

  - 20%

  APCOA PARKING Antarctica- Amsterdam South East

  € 25,00   € 20,00

  - 20%

  APCOA PARKING Westblaak- Rotterdam City Center

  € 30,00   € 24,00

  - 20%

  APCOA PARKING Scheepvaartkwartier- Rotterdam City Center 

  € 10,00   € 10,00*  

* At Scheepvaartkwartier, the maximum daily rate applies between 07:00 and 19:00 and between 19:00 and 07:00. If you overlap these intervals, you pay € 2.50 per 60 minutes until the maximum daily rate is reached here too. 

How does the APCOA Flex Card work?

  • You pay the regular parking rate with a maximum daily rate that is 10 to 20% lower than the regular maximum daily rate.
  • You pay your parking costs easily afterwards via automatic debt.
  • You can easily enter and exit by holding the APCOA Flex Card against the terminal.
  • When ordering you pay a one-time € 25 administration fee per card.
  • Per APCOA Flex Card you pay € 5.00 a month in addition to your parking costs.
  • Price is based on 1 entry and exit a day.
  • The minimum term is 3 months. Afterwards you can cancel per calendar month.

Our promotion conditions:

  • Order the card before 1-7-2021 and do not pay any administration costs (normally these are € 25.00 per card).
  • After 3 months you can cancel your APCOA Flex card per calendar month.
  • APCOA Flex Card

    • Park at a lower maximum daily rate
    • No more queuing at the payment terminal
    • Quickly back on the road to your next destination
    • Pay monthly afterwards
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