• APCOA Flex Card

    Pay your parking costs easily afterwards!

    Your benefits:

    • Park at a lower maximum daily rate
    • No more queuing at the payment terminal
    • Quickly back on the road
    • Pay monthly afterwards

    How does the APCOA Flex Card work?

    • You pay the regular parking rate with a maximum daily rate that is 10 to 30% lower than the regular maximum daily rate.
    • You can easily drive in and out by holding the APCOA Flex Card against the terminal.
    • You pay your parking costs monthly afterwards.
    • When ordering, you pay a one-time administration fee of € 25 (excl. VAT) per card.
    • Per APCOA Flex Card you pay € 4.13 (excl. VAT) per month in addition to your parking costs.
    • The minimum term is 3 months. You can then cancel per calendar month.
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