Pay your parking costs easily afterwards with the APCOA Flex Card!

Ideal for part-timers and flex workers!

Queuing at the payment terminal is a thing of the past with the APCOA Flex Card. You pay your parking costs monthly afterwards, so that you can easily drive out without any hassle. With an APCOA Flex Card you are quickly on your way to your next destination! This card is available in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague.

Your benefits:

  • Park at a lower maximum daily rate.
  • No more queuing at the payment terminal.
  • Quickly back on the road.
  • Pay monthly afterwards.


How does the APCOA Flex Card work?

  • You pay the regular parking rate with a maximum daily rate that is 10 to 30% lower than the regular maximum daily rate.
  • You can easily drive in and out by holding the APCOA Flex Card against the terminal.
  • You pay your parking costs monthly afterwards.
  • The card is only valid in the garage where you purchase it.
  • When ordering, you pay a one-time € 25.00* administration fee per card.
  • Per APCOA Flex Card you pay monthly € 4,13* in addition to your parking costs.
  • The minimum term is 3 months. After this period you can cancel per calendar month.

Rates in participating garages:

 Car Park  Regular maximum daily tariff*     Maximum daily tariff APCOA Flex Card*  
 APCOA PARKING Malieveld  € 21,49  € 17,50
 APCOA PARKING Heinekenplein  € 45,45  € 36,36
 APCOA PARKING Prins & Keizer  € 45,45  € 40,91
 APCOA PARKING Flow Amsterdam    € 21,49  € 17,19
 APCOA PARKING Antarctica  € 20,67  € 16,53
 APCOA PARKING Westblaak  € 24,79  € 19,83

Save 10 to 30% on the maximum daily tariff and order your APCOA Flex Card right away!


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