Park up to 20% cheaper with the APCOA Flex Card in Amsterdam and Rotterdam!

In Amsterdam and Rotterdam, staff who do not come to the office every day can use the APCOA Flex Card. With this card you only pay parking costs if you actually use the card and you get a discount too!

Your benefits:

  • You only pay for actual use.
  • You receive up to 20% discount on the maximum daily rate.
  • You simply pay monthly afterwards by direct debit.
  • You will never again stand in line at the payment terminal.
  • You will be back on the road quickly.

Save € 25 in administration costs and order your APCOA FLEX Card before July 1st!

Car parks

How does the APCOA Flex Card work?

  • You pay the regular parking rate until you have reached the maximum daily rate. As a Flex Card holder you save up to 20% discount on the maximum daily rate.
  • You pay your parking costs monthly afterwards by direct debit.
  • You can easily enter and exit by holding the APCOA Flex Card against the terminal.
  • The card is only valid in the garage where you buy it.
  • In addition to the parking costs incurred, you pay a monthly fee of € 5.00.
  • The price is based on one-time entry and exit.
  • You close the card for a minimum period of 3 months. After this period you can cancel the card per calendar month.

Our promotion conditions:

  • Apply for the card before 7/1/2021 and do not pay any administration costs (normally these are € 25.00 per card).
  • After 3 months you can cancel your APCOA Flex card per calendar month.